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Thumbnail Image for Article 18050Keeping Calm and Experimenting On
Posted Date: 01/31/2018

Garza Students “Keep Calm and Experiment On”

                Mrs. Garza’s fourth grade students at Evangelina Garza Elementary were active participants in conducting a Science experiment that involved following procedural text. As state assessments get closer, student nerves start heightening and hands on learning activities provide a sense of calm and engagement. The purpose of the experiment was for student to comprehend and follow the instructions. Students were working in cooperative groups to complete the activity. The activity “Las narajas ¿flotan o se hunden?, involved students identifying and conducting the experiment if the orange would float in a pitcher of water. Mrs. Garza provided question stems that would amplify student’s critical thinking skills and engaged in educational social language. Students were expected to create their own questions by using their L and I cascading resource, which led students to create high order questions that they answered as groups.  A graphic organizer was issued to address procedural text. Students were actively engaged and collaborating throughout the activity. The students were successful in being able to see is the orange would float or sink. 

Pictured students: left to right: Adolfo Salazar, Juan Soto, Dayana Mendez, Haile Leos and Christian Acosta. 

4th Graders Engage in Experiments