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Thumbnail Image for Article 18051Anadalay Hinojosa -Garza Star Reader
Posted Date: 01/31/2018


          Evangelina Garza Elementary is on the lookout for Star Readers! Every month, we will be highlighting a student to be our Star Reader. This student will show an authentic passion for reading. Our current Star Reader is Anadalay Hinojosa. She is a first grade student who is self-motivated to become a Master reader (reach 1,000,000 words) She can’t wait for any free time because this means an opportunity to continue her journey. Some of her favorite titles include: Junie B Jones, Princess Posey, Nate the Great and Weird School. To start the year Anadalay read 14,175 words in the first six weeks. That number jumped to 64,942 words in the second six weeks. In the third six weeks she nearly doubled that marked and reached 109,409 words. Garza elementary foresees a bright future for this remarkable, enthusiastic, young student. We can’t wait to see what levels of achievement she can accomplish in the following six weeks. It is gratifying to have students with such inner drive to demonstrate to others that reading is a delight and not a chore. She’s proving that great things are within reach if one takes pleasure and enjoys that ride.