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Garza STEM Elementary 1st Graders Create Balloon Powered Vehicle

Posted Date: 02/13/2019

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Evangelina Garza STEM campus has been exposing students to the area of engineering. This month’s lesson focused on creating a balloon-powered vehicle that travel without the need for gasoline. Students worked in groups to come up with the most efficient plan in order to provide the car with enough strength to remain intact while at the same time not be too heavy to move with the air that leaves the balloon. After students felt comfortable in their strategy, they were each given the same materials to create their very own vehicle.

Students found that this project was not going to be easy. They had to find the right way to incorporate the proper wheels that could reduce the friction from the ground. Students tried using bottle caps, round erasers and cylinder tubes. In the end, students competed against their classmates to find out which vehicle could travel the furthest. Students were so determined to improve their models, that some even brought in a homemade version to compete again the next day.