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Thumbnail Image for Article 7772Evangelina Garza’s Kinder Students Flying High With Reading
Posted Date: 12/16/2016

Garza’s kinder students are reading independently and above the grade level expectation. Since the start of the school year, students have been working hard to be able to decode and blend independently through various books. Students have started checking out library books and using Reading Renaissance successfully. This shows that Garza’s kinder students have not only met our school district’s fluency expectations, but are also using the comprehension skills acquired in all other areas of learning. Students are being introduced to different genres of literature at an early age to create a college readiness mindset. Students show excitement about participating in the different library activities as a reward for their hard work in reading independently.  Serina Garza in Mrs. Garcia’s kinder class said “I’m so excited about checking out cool library books, it means I’m smart like my big sister.” Tabata Fraga, a Bilingual Student in Mrs. Elizondo’s class stated, “I couldn’t wait to reach her goal of 500,000 words.” Garza’s kinder teachers are excited to see their students coming along so well, and setting high goals for other students to look up and aspire to become independent readers themselves