Campus News ➤ Article 7775
Posted Date: 12/16/2016

Evangelina Garza proudly announces meeting the La Joya ISD district goal of 33% participation for UIL. They met the goal at their first meet held on Saturday October 22, 2016 at Ann Richards Middle School. Out of a total of 142 students registered to compete, 137 students attended. The following students did a phenomenal job and placed in the different events. In Storytelling, Princesa Agustin 5th, Kimberly Reyna 6th, and Polet Matamoros 8th place. In Creative Writing, Mia Hernandez 3rd place. In Ready Writing, Alyssa Garza 1st, Sebastian Mendoza 1st, Alvaro Martinez 2nd, Princesa Agustin 3rd, Britzy Santillan 3rd, Reyes Montoya 6th, Aleydis Cantu 6th, and Brianna Alvarez 8th place. In Spanish Poetry, Lizet Martinez 3rd , Estrella Garza 5th, and Cinthia Garcia 9th place. In Spanish Creative Wrtiting, Andy Santoy 2nd, Jazmin Ibarra 5th and Anais Callente 8th place. In Listening Skills, Jaritza Mendoza 3rd, Magdiel Villa 6th, Jennifer Agustin 6th, and Nicolas Guerrero 8th place.  In Maps, Graphs and Charts, Mario Huerta 1st, Rolando Torres 3rd, and Jorge Mejia 6th place. In Spelling, Nereyda Salazar 6th  place. In Dictionary Skills, Aimme Rodriguez 4th place. In Art, Zoraida Vidal 7th place. In Science, Benjamin Lopez 7th and Melanie Reyna 10 place.